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Product Portfolio

We offer an expansive range of supreme quality industrial laboratory equipments whose material and functional superiority are well known across the domain. We specialize in manufacturing:

  • High Precision Engineering Plastic Parts
  • High Precision Metallic Parts
  • High Precision Valves for Lab application
  • Volume Control Dampers in PP construction for Lab Application
  • Volume Control Dampers in Aluminum Construction for HVAC application
  • High Precision S.S. Parts

Mentioned below is a list of broad categories to which our products belong:

  • Laboratory Taps
  • P.P. Duct Damper
  • P.P. Sink And Cup Sinks
  • Bottle Trap
  • Parts for Fume Hood
  • Parts for Lab Furniture
  • Plastic Molding Products
  • Volume Control Damper
  • Parts for Air Handling Unit
  • Emergency Eye Shower
  • Eye Wash Equipment

Why Us?

Premier Polymers is among the industrial stalwarts when it comes to designing and fabrication of best in class industrial molded ware and allied metal components that are known for their stellar build quality, design, dimensional efficiency and longevity. Following are a few attributes that are associated with our proceedings:

  • High precision Molding capacity which makes use of PLC technology.
  • We are fully capable of handling a wide variety of materials for molding purpose such as PP, Nylon, ABS, PC, PSU, Poly Ether Imide, EPDM, etc.
  • Well equipped in-house engineering, designing and fabrication facility and assembly of powder coating machines.
  • Our quality management measures are based as per ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.
  • We implement system TS 16949.

Infrastructure and Facilities

In 2004, our parent company ventured into the field of precision molding and established a fabrication facility that was a sprawling infrastructure spread over an area of 13000 sq. ft. and accoutered with fairly advanced machines like processor based presto molding machines of varied capacities that went upto 400 ton and specialized CNC based metal working machines.

Manufacturing Facility: Our manufacturing facility is equipped with latest and more efficient iterations of existing fabrication and molding machines, that not only offer better results and higher efficiency but are also low on power consumption.    

Warehousing and Packaging: As far as warehousing and packaging are concerned, we boast a well compartmentalized and beautifully managed storage unit that houses the finished products without any hassles allow for easy retrieval. As for packaging, we employ the best quality packaging materials like corrugated boxes as well as plastic bags and tools to make sure that the finished products remain shielded from any form of physical and mechanical harm, alongside a wide scope of customization for the latter as per the demands of clients.

Following is a list of machines that we utilize:


  • PLC Based Molding Machine capacity 400 tons
  • PLC Based Molding Machine capacity 150 tons
  • PLC Based Molding Machine  capacity 110 tons
  • Automatic Injection Molding Machine capacity 130 tons
  • Automatic Injection Molding Machine capacity 30 tons
  • Powder Coating Line
  • CNC Turning Centre - PMT Brand
  • Semi-automatic Turning Machine
  • Wire Cutting Machine
  • Sheet Folding Machine
  • Butt Welding Machine
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Radial Drill Machine
  • Tool Grinder
  • Belt Sender Polishing Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Power Hacksaw Machine
  • Profile Cutting Machine with pneumatic clamping and DRO
  • PLC Based Spot Welding Machine
  • Hydraulic Sharing Machine
  • Hydraulic Bending Machine
  • Power Press
  • Fly Press

Quality Assurance

We strictly comply with all industrial quality parameters and fabrication guidelines specified by standardization authorities and certification agencies, and implement them with utmost diligence to make sure that our products can excel at all performance and quality parameters. In recognition of the same, we have been accredited with an ISO 9001:2008 for manufacturing and sale of molded wares, metal parts and allied assembled components. After the fabrication process has ended, we perform a number of quality checks, using advanced tools and machines, that are administered to assert as to whether the former can justify their utility and stand the test of time.